OV Vets

What is an OV Vet?

The term Official Veterinarian (OV) is used to describe private practice veterinarians who perform work on behalf of the UK Government.

OCQ(V) stands for Official Controls Qualification (Veterinary). These are qualifications that APHA (Animal and Plant Health Agency), requires vets to hold to enable you to act as an OV. The term OCQ(V) is followed by two letters, which indicate the work area covered by each specific qualification.

The categories are as follows:

  • OCQ(V) – ES (Essential Skills)
  • OCQ(V) – EX (Exports General)
  • OCQ(V) – CA (Companion Animals)
  • OCQ(V) – AX (Avian Exports)
  • OCQ(V) – EQ (Equine Exports)
  • OCQ(V) – GX (Germinal Products Exports)
  • OCQ(V) – PX (Product Exports)
  • OCQ(V) – SS (Statutory Surveillance)
  • OCQ(V) – SX (Small Animal Exports)
  • OCQ(V) – TT (Tuberculin Testing)
  • OCQ(V) – UX (Ungulate Exports)
  • OCQ(V) – CYTB Cymorth (Cymru)

You can train for and hold any OCQ(V)s, irrespective of whether you currently work in the field covered by the qualification or not.

To become an OV Vet, please follow the link to the Animal and Plant Health Agency to see what qualifications you will need:


To be apply to register, you must:

  • Pass the appropriate OCQ(V)s
  • Hold current Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) membership.
  • Tick the relevant box to apply to the APHA to be awarded OV status if you work in England, Scotland, or Wales

Are you an Official Veterinarian ?

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