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So, our sprinkling of goodwill continues with our other charities. We are supporting two charities for Mental health, Mind and Young Minds. This year the pandemic has caused so many problems for so many people. It does not matter how strong you are, anything can set you off and not having support networks in the same way, when things are not normal, can be worrying. Then we put dark winter days and Christmas on top of everything else and things can be very dark for many. Both of these charities, offer support and advice and Young Minds, helps parents, with children struggling, to be able to give them guidance and advice and how to approach their children. These conversations can be very difficult and it is about seeing the triggers and changes. Glenda and Marcus are supporting these two charities this year.

Trish is supporting a charity, which means a great deal to her and it supports a friend who run this wonderful charity. Fiona foundation for This charity linked up with Tushinde Children Trust in 2017, who are a Kenyan based charity, providing help and support for mothers who go out work to provide an income for their families, who are vulnerable from living in the slums with little support in day-to-day life.

Parkinson’s is a charity that we have supported over the last few years. It holds a special place in our hearts, relating to the Company and Clare. Many of us also know people who have Parkinson’s. It is a disease which is so varied in the way it affects people. There are over 40 symptoms of Parkinson’s and everyone’s experience is different. Announced in early December, the charity will be investing £3 million in drugs, that could slow down the progression of the disease. With Parkinson’s, there is an excessive chronic inflammation with the brain and work is being carried out over the next couple of years, to discover a new family of molecules, which target a protein to slow or stop the progression of Parkinson’s and slow down the harmful inflammation to the brain. Currently there is no cure and so it is urgent to get better treatments to slow down the progression.

Finally, our group charity is SPANA, for working animals. There are over 200 million working animals around the world, many who have chronic untreated conditions, resulting in a working life of pain. Sadly, many of the rural communities, who suffer, do not have access to veterinary care. SPANA Vets are the life line for working animals, providing care and treatment that save lives and protects communities. SPANA provides a network of veterinary clinics in cities and towns around the world and mobile clinics to deliver vital lifesaving veterinary care to rural communities.

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