Working for A1 Locums, as a Trainee Recruitment Consultant.

Georgia joined A1 Locums in February 2022 as a trainee recruitment consultant, so eight weeks into her new job we asked her, how she was getting on and what she was enjoying working at A1 Locums.

  1. How are you enjoying the job?

I love the position and an introductory agency is a unique way of recruitment. Having worked for a large corporate, inhouse recruitment, with over 100 people, some based in the office and some field, now working in a smaller office, and recruiting locums, the interaction is better and more personal. The team is more like a family and you can get along with everyone and you mean more to the team than in a corporate.

  1. When you applied, what did you think you were applying for?

360 recruitment business.

  1. How does this feel different to inhouse recruitment?

I am surprised how different it is, working more together as a team than as an individual.

It is more rewarding as you are working closer with the candidates and it’s a specialist market. When you have found that placement, their ideal placement, they then reward you with their feedback and pictures.

Last week I placed a vet on a Film shoot in Holy head, Wales for a TV advert with a collie. I loved the fact that the next day, the vet sent me pictures of the dog on set and pictures of the staging for the ad. Nice to feel involved.

I Like the variation of placing Vets and Nurses and in such different roles and the opportunity to talk to Film Production Companies. One of my film shoots, I needed a vet to look after a ladybird. When I contacted the vet, she thought the Film Company was called Ladybird, not that she would be overseeing one!

  1. What was your first booking?

I sent a nurse for an interview role in a permanent position, sadly she did not get it but it gave me a buzz.

  1. Funniest moments in the job?

Comments made by Clare our MD, always keep us amused and keeps me laughing when I go home.

  1. How do you feel 8- weeks into the job.?

I feel that I have gained confidence in myself, and I love to go home and talk about my day, to my partner and family. Recently I had the opportunity to hold a lamb in the office, – all in a day’s work and a first!

The other day, I was training with Molly another trainee recruiter and Glenda, one of our Resourcers, and both of us said ‘we would never find another place like this to work’ How lucky are we.


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