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SELECT v.vacancy_id, v.county, v.job_type, v.job_period, v.job_title, v.start_date, v.end_date, v.open_flag, v.asap_flag, v.date_registered, v.visibility_status, a.n_v_paye, a.n_v_sole_trader, a.n_v_umbrella, a.n_v_limited FROM a1_vacancies v LEFT JOIN a1_attributes a ON v.vacancy_id = a.vacancy_id WHERE v.job_type = 'nurse' AND visibility_status = 'Website' AND v.date_registered BETWEEN '2014-07-10 00:00:00.000000' AND '2024-07-10 23:59:59.999999' AND vacancy_status = 'Open' ORDER BY vacancy_id DESC LIMIT 100,25
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