Vacancy Details

Head Nurse

Permanent Nurse in North London

This independent and exclusive team are seeking a Regional Head Nurse to oversee 3 West London Surgeries.

They do have a fantastic RVN and reception team however, a senior hand in guiding patient care and client service has been recognised in creating this brand-new position.

With success and time there are further progression opportunities within management team.

Your duties as the HRVN would include:

Weekly review of equipment issues or maintenance requirements from each clinic within the region - report back to the Area Manager / Operations Team

Arrange and authorise repair of equipment in a timely manager liaising with Area Managers

Inductions on site for new members of the support team in liaison with our HR Manager. Speaking to all support teams ahead of their scheduled weekend to confirm their shift and expectation. RCVS compliance - to be as standard where we need to be

TP status/ actions and college visits - overseeing clinical coaches with feedback to the Ops Team of exam results, good students, those requiring further help.

CC training/ standardization

Overseeing nurse clinics, training of these and quality within the 3 surgeries.

Alternate weekly nurse meetings (following our Guidelines) when visiting sites. Teams meeting each week within the region with the senior nurse at the site to check processed, insurances, AHC compliance and nurse rota/cover.

Ensure KPI`s from each surgery are with the Group Administrator by 10th each month (help where required)

Quarterly review of CPD requirements for our RVN``s within the team.

Facebook compliance per surgery? Is our FB audience getting the cases they deserve from our clever cases? Encouragement and monitoring of teams to post

Week checking and remedying consult errors and where care could have been offered and patient care improved.

Completion of insurance claim forms for clinics as required in a timely manner.

Monthly review of support staff responsibilities and feedback. Liaising with senior nurses and identifying struggles.

Assist the Area Manager in maintaining high levels of clinical standards of care and cleanliness in the surgeries.

Monitor sickness and punctuality reporting back to the Area Manager and HR.

Cover of nursing duties in line with the needs of the business to ensure pets receive treatment they need. Leading by example is a MUST!

North London