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Locum Nurse in South Yorkshire

27/03/2023 - OPEN
This independent practice in Rotherham are looking for 3 ongoing RVN``s.

Ideally the following rota will look like:
1:4 weekends
1 duty night a week
(Duty checks throughout the night, so say there is a recovering orthopaedic it will get injections every 4 hours (likely) as pain relief which will usually be 3-4 check in the night as well as a TPR (temp, pulse and resp)
You will be paid per patient
up to 2 checks £60per patient
3 + checks £80 per patient)
Shifts range from starting at 8am and finishing at 7:30pm
8 hour days
Please get in touch if you are interested on 01280 850575...
South Yorkshire
  • Accommodation available