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Permanent Nurse in Hampshire

RVN vacancy in Hampshire.

To £30000 GBP Salaried

Looking for a full time team member. The shifts are 8 hours in length with no out of hours, 1 in 6 half day Saturdays with no Sundays or bank holidays. CPD is fully funded and encouraged and they are proud to offer opportunities for ongoing training to support your professional growth.

Experience variety in your workdays with our four shift patterns

Kennels Shift - Admit patients in the morning and provide exceptional care for inpatients throughout the day.

Ops Shift - Assist vets during procedures, monitor patients under anaesthesia and conduct discharge appointments later in the day.

Prep Shift - Act as a general assistant, setting up for procedures, processing lab samples and assisting with various tasks as needed.

Late Shift - Conduct nursing consultations, cover lunch breaks, manage medication orders and care for inpatients after the kennel shift concludes.

If interested please call 01280 850575 or email
South Coast