March is Adopt a Rescued Guinea Pig Month

It was a big change for Bob and Barry, our rescue guinea pigs from B.A.R.K.S. Banbury, when they came to live at A1 Locums.

They were adopted and collected by Sophie and Clare to come to their new home in the Northamptonshire countryside almost six months ago and they now enjoy their daily life in the bustling, lively environment. Their run takes centre stage, literally in the middle of the open plan office, with their individual coloured homes, play tubes, tepees and bowls of delicious vegetables and hay.  When the weather is good, their pen is taken into the garden that borders rambling countryside.

Our guinea pigs are great stress relievers, always ready to have a cuddle or sit in their tepees on staff desks, while we are working! They are curious little creatures with very different personalities. Bob is a little nervy, always looking around and careful of his steps, while Barry is the thug, bold as brass and ready to give the occasional nip in exchange for a cuddle or a hug! Barry is a Peruvian guinea pig and they are typically born with short hair and two rosettes on their hindquarters. Hair from one of these rosettes grows forward and the other grows backward. Hair below the rosettes grows downwards.

Clare and Sophie cuddling the guinea pigsAs the hair begins to grow in length, it should part evenly along the spine, creating a curtain of hair around the body. He must be bathed regularly, and his coat trimmed, something which he does not enjoy.

Bob is easier; a Dutch Guinea pig. Dutch is a colouration characterised by a white body with eye patches and a rump of a different colour. Although nervous, he is much lower maintenance than Barry. Barry is the boss.

They keep us amused, squealing to get attention when people visit the offices but bold and happy enough to be looked upon by TC the cat and Wilbur the dog. Not only are they part of the team, they are also firmly in the public eye, having starred on leaflets, banners and social media posts for A1 Locums.

Since getting our pair, Ryan has joined the veterinary recruitment team and so taken by the guinea pigs when he arrived, he has now adopted two guinea pigs himself, dad and son, Finn and Jake. If he had not taken them from a breeder, they were going to a rescue centre, but Ryan stepped in and now they too, have their forever home.